First of all - I. LOVED. THIS. PLACE.

The first thing I saw, was cake. On the bench, in the cabinet, on top of the cabinet, next to the pie warmer. Old fashioned style cakes your Nanna would sell at a primary school cake stall. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and I felt at home the instant I walked in.

The tiny, narrow courtyard out the back that is filled with cute patio furniture would be the perfect spot early Sunday afternoon during your recovery period (so it’s probably a good thing they’re open until 6 on Sundays).

The coffee isn’t overcomplicated, although after one mug, you might struggle to fit any more in. It is, however, delicious and rich and has every potential to get rid of your morning fuzzies.

I would just as soon bring my Great Aunty and Nanna here as I would my critical bitchy friends. I really can’t wait to go back.